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What makes us better? The Proof is in Our Science

Medicine, Not Marketing.

Despite marketing claims from other companies, hydration, electrolytes, caffeine and vitamins will not detoxify your body and cure hangovers!

Zero Hour Detox

How does Zero Hour Detox™ work?

Your Science

Your Science

Your body makes glutathione to detoxify and repair itself.

Glutathione has been the Holy Grail of alcohol detoxification for years.

After a few drinks your body has more alcohol than your liver can neutralize. Alcohol converts to acetaldehyde, a toxin 30x worse than alcohol!

Without sufficient Glutathione coming from your body, the toxins build up…and up…and up. Your organs start to suffer, including your brain. Hello pain!

Our Science

Our Science

Giving your body exactly what it wants!

Only ZeroHD™ can make oral glutathione that works!

Taking ZeroHD™ when you drink supports your body’s efforts to clear alcohol and other toxins from your system. Staying ahead of the detox curve is key to waking up hangover free.

As your night winds down, ZeroHD™ works hard to keep you ahead of the hangover. Taking a final dose before you go to sleep assures support for your body as it finishes the detox process while you sleep.

The Tesseract Effect™

The Tesseract Effect™

Glutathione at FULL POWER!

ZeroHD™ leverages the extraordinary delivery science licensed from Tesseract Medical Research. Tesseract starts by isolating the individual molecules of glutathione to achieve nano-level scale. When glutathione is delivered one molecule at a time, it optimizes your body’s opportunity to absorb each one. ONLY TESSERACT CAN DO THIS!

Tesseract uses their CyLoc technology to encase each molecule of glutathione in its own delivery cage. Tesseract’s proprietary DexKey technology manages that cage and its release of the glutathione molecule to make sure it is presented to your body to be absorbed at exactly the right time.

Only ZeroHD™ has The Tesseract Effect. Only Tesseract can deliver glutathione like this.

What are the experts saying?

- Richard Koffler M.D.

“The masses still believe that dehydration is the principal cause of hangovers following excessive alcohol intake.

Until Zero Hour Detox was created there had been no successful way to treat the devastating effects of a hangover. Zero Hour Detox leverages its patent-pending delivery of Glutathione, the most important antioxidant in the body. It plays a crucial role in liver detoxification and is the most effective remedy for hangover symptoms on the market. I fully support this product and recommend it to all my patients.”

- Richard Koffler M.D.

Richard Koffler MD is a physician who specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

- Dr. Ashley Salomon

"In todays’ society when we think of alcohol consumption, we don’t take into account that the liver is being taxed by toxins.

The liver is the biochemical center for the body, and is working hard at detoxing us. Why not take a load off your liver and support it by giving it more glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body.“

- Dr. Ashley Salomon

Dr. Ashley Salomon is a licensed medical doctor, board-certified in family medicine.

What makes us better? - The Proof is in Our Science

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